martes, 30 de abril de 2013

neon orange

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Not the best photos, but they show the outfit and that's the important thing. Neon tank top, jeans and a sweater to protect me from the horrible a.c. inside the office (no wonder why I get sick after being 8 hours inside an igloo).  

Tank top (Zara) / Jeans (Zara) / Sweater (Cirila Boutique

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  1. w0o0ow meE eEñcAñTA lA BluzhA BriillAñTeE, d0oñdeE kuiieErA kueE eEzhTAzh, BriillArAzh c0om0o uñ diiAmAñTeE, c0om0o diiceE riiHAñA


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