martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

D.I.Y. Leopard Print Bracelet

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Here's a little project I did last week. I had a black and boring bracelet and lots of leopard fabric, so the result was this =)  

You need:

A plastic bracelet
Hot Glue

1. Cut a rectangle of fabric, the size of twice the bracelet's width.

2. Glue one end of the rectangle to the bracelet and start covering the external part of it. 

3. Once glued the exterior, start with the interior. You have to be very careful to keep the fabric stretched and avoid wrinkles. 

4. Finally, you can add a strip of fabric to the interior in order to hide imperfections and avoid lifts off

As you can see, my bracelet has a lot of imperfections, but i am very pleased with the result and i guess its about practice. 

next post and outfit with the bracelet =)

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